So I should probably change the title of this blog since I am no longer in Dakar.

I returned to Canada nearly two months ago and feel blessed to have gotten a paid internship a couple of weeks after I returned. But I was told even from the interview stage that ‘this is not going to go anywhere’ so I’m keeping my eyes and ears open. And I’m open to wherever. So this just might not be the end of my blog series. Depending on where I go next (or even if I remain in Canada), I’ll figure out what I’ll do with the blog. In the meantime, perhaps I’ll do a few one-off posts about random things or about Toronto itself. I’ll leave this post with the take-away from a conversation I had with someone not too long ago:

“The more one travels and the more of the world ones sees, the more Canada’s position as the center of the world becomes more specious.”


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